Story telling and story listening. - Mischa Baka

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Story telling and story listening.

Mishka attended our 2nd rehearsal to share stories with the teenage actors.
This was to model the type of personal stories we will have the characters in the film tell and set a tone for how they may be delivered. Mishka always tells her stories with heart and vulnerability.

Story telling and story listening. 

Mishka is an amazing story teller, either stories form her life, or fantastical ones, she tells them with emotion and captivating vulnerability.

It feels like you have been chosen to hear a special secret when she tells a story. Seeing our actors enthralled by her stories was beautiful.

I used the camera to film them listening, previously discussing how they can surrender to being watched by the camera. I think really listening to a story opens you up and makes you vulnerable. This is what we captured, their vulnerability. The same vulnerability that must be made available to the camera, the audience, and other actors when making a film. 

Listening to Mishka tell a story. 

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